How to Deal Cards in Texas Hold’em?

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Poker is a popular card game played all over the world with different variations and with different poker dealer rules. The players can call the bet, raise the bet and concede the bet using the set of 52-cards. The game involves some amount of luck and a great skill set. It is played in casinos, private homes and even over the internet.

There are more than ten variants of poker. However, the most popular variant which attracts the biggest crowds is Texas Hold’em.

What is Texas Hold’em in poker?

This game is most popular among all the poker variations. All the tournaments of poker around the world including the World Series of Poker, the World Poker Tour and the European Poker Tour feature Texas Hold’em in their games.

It is so popular that almost every player learns this. Texas Hold’em is not as difficult to learn. In fact, the simplicity of its poker dealer rules, gameplay and the hand rankings of this game are the reasons for its popularity. However, you should not take its simplicity as a given, as the number of possible situations and combinations is so vast that this game can become very complex at high levels.

Every variant has a different set of poker dealer rules. Texas Hold’em is played with community cards where the player with the best combination of cards wins the pot. Every player receives two hole cards and these cards are concealed until the end of all the betting rounds or the showdown. Five cards are displayed in the middle of the table combining the two hole cards to make the best five-card holding.

Poker Dealer Rules in Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is different from other forms of poker as it is played with community cards. Every player is given two face-down cards known as hole cards. During several betting rounds, players are dealt with five face-up cards known as community cards. Players are free to use these community cards in a combination with the hole cards to make the best possible combination of five cards.

During each betting round and different phase of forming a full hand in Texas Hold’em, the five community cards are dealt in three different stages:

❏        The Flop

❏        The Turn

❏        The River

You will have to make the best possible five-card hand using cards out of seven total cards (two hole cards, five community cards).

You can do that with the combination of both the hole cards with three community cards, with only one hole card or without any hole card.

How to play Texas Hold’em?

Let’s now learn about the different aspects of this game, different positions at the table and the betting round featured in this game.


Button is used to determine which player at the table is acting like the dealer. The play moves anticlockwise starting from left of the dealer button. The first two players sitting immediate left to the dealer initiate the betting by posting a small blind and a big blind.

After that, the action occurs over different streets:

❏        Preflop

❏        Flop

❏        Turn

❏        River

The Blinds

Blinds are also known as forced bets. Before every new round, two players are supposed to post forced bets so that the wagering can begin. These blinds are posted to make the game interesting. Otherwise, the game would become very boring because no player would require to put any money into the pot. The players would just wait until they are dealt with pocket aces and play then only.

Blinds are raised at regular intervals in tournaments and ensure that there will be some level of action on the hand. As the number of players decreases, the stack of remaining players starts getting bigger and the amount of blinds increases.

The player on the immediate left of the button posts the small blind and the player on the immediate right of the small blind posts the big blind. The amount of small blind is almost 50% of the amount of big blind, this amount can vary depending on the type of game.

Preflop: First Betting Round

The preflop or the first betting round takes place immediately after all the players are dealt with both the hole cards. The first player who is to act is the player who is left to the one who posted the big blind. This player is provided with three options:

❏        Call: match the amount of the big blind.

❏        Raise: increase the bet within specific limits of the game.

❏        Fold: throw the hand away.

The player who chooses to fold becomes no longer eligible to play in the current hand.

Most commonly the minimum amount a player can raise must be at least twice the big blind, however, it can also depend upon the game being played.

There are two different variations of Texas Hold’em poker:

❏        Fixed limit Hold’em: In this variation of Hold’em, all the poker dealer rules are the same except the amount of raise which is exactly equal to the amount of big blind.

❏        Pot limit Hold’em: In this variation, players are allowed to raise their bets from the amount of big blind upto the amount of the pot.

The players who follow also have the same three options of calling, raising and folding. The game continues in a clockwise manner and once the last bet is called, the action is closed and the preflop round gets over.

The Flop: Second Betting Round

The second betting round begins as the preflop round is completed and the players are dealt with three community cards. In this round of betting and all the subsequent rounds, the betting begins from with the first active player who is to the left of the dealer button. It involves only those players who have not folded yet.

The players, here, have an additional option to “check” if an action has occurred previously or not along with the options to call, raise or fold.

The Turn: Third Betting Round

This betting round follows all the actions of the flop and the fourth community card is dealt here which is known as the turn.

Once the actions of this round are completed, a new betting round begins like the previous ones and again, the players will be left with the same options: check, call, raise or fold.

The River: Final Betting Round

This betting round is also similar to the previous one. The fifth community card is dealt by players, known as the river. The players have again the same four options to chock, call, raise or fold similar to the previous street of play.

The Showdown

Once all the betting rounds are completed, the remaining players in the hand with hole cards are supposed to expose their holdings so that the winner can be determined. This is known as showdown.

There’s a renowned expression about poker: “It takes a moment to learn and a lifetime to master.” This implies to all the variations of poker and so as to Texas Hold’em too. Always be careful while playing that the simplicity of this game is not misleading you.

No one’s perfect, but practising more and more can definitely lead you towards earning a good reputation as a poker player.

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