What Are Face Cards: Meaning, Importance In Poker, Gameplay, And More

What Are Face Cards: Meaning, Importance In Poker, Gameplay, And More
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Just like a majority of card games out there, Poker values face cards the most. The ranks of the cards can vary in games, but the majority of the time, it is quite straightforward – King, Queen, and then Jack. Before getting into the details about the poker face cards and their relevance in a game of poker, let us first take you through what exactly the face cards in a deck of cards are.

What is a face card?- Face card meaning

What are face cards? Face Cards, as the name suggests, are those cards in a deck that literally have a face on them. In other words, the Jacks, the Queens, and the Kings are the face cards in a deck. So how many face cards in a deck? With each suit having three of them, the total face cards in a deck are 12.  These 12 face cards in 52 cards have a large say in the value of your hand.

What is a face card

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Examples of face cards in a deck

To further explain what face cards are, here are a few examples of the same:

  • Jack of  ♠
  • Jack of ﬞ♦
  • Jack of  ♥
  • Jack of  ♣
  • Queen of  ♠
  • Queen of ♦
  • Queen of ♥
  • Queen of ♣
  • King of  ♠
  • King of ♦
  • King of ♥
  • King of ♣

What role do the face cards play in poker?

When it comes to any variant of poker that you are playing, the Aces and the face cards play a massive role in determining your final position in the game. In poker, there are 10 different hands that you can possibly have. In the order of their superiority, they are named Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four-of-a-kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three-of-a-kind, Two Pair, One Pair, and High Card. In cases when two or more players have a similar type of hand, it is the face cards that play a critical role in determining the winner.

For example, let’s say you and your opponent have a Full House (a combination of a three-of-a-kind and a pair). In this case, the player with a combination of better high cards will win the showdown. Let us explain the influence of poker face cards when it comes to helping you win by going through a combination of cards that you can come across in a real game.

If you have three Kings and two fives and your opponent has three Queens and two nines, you will come out on top, thanks to the superior value of the King face card over the Queen face card. Do not forget that Jack holds the last position when it comes to the ranking of face cards in a deck, during a game of poker. So face cards value from higher are king, queen and jack.

Role of face cards in poker

This pattern is followed across all other nine types of hands as well. This is why having a thorough knowledge of the face card meaning in each variant, and how to calculate the odds of gaining a face card in the game matters a lot more than people think. To become a pro at poker games, you should be able to anticipate the movement of the face cards in a deck, so that you are always one step ahead of your opponents.

Simply put, poker is a game where the rank of the card matters the most and not the suit it belongs to. As a result, the face cards in the deck have the most power apart from the Aces. As a result, to improve your chances of winning a game of poker, you should focus on making a hand that has face cards in it. To learn more about Poker, and to play the game online, check out our app, GetMega!

Whose faces are on the face cards?

The faces in a deck of cards are categorized and named after royal resignations.

Fun fact, these poker face cards in playing cards are also called courts and the royal designations are why it is called a Royal Flush. Although Queens wasn’t introduced in the deck till the 1400s by German troops.

Anyway, when playing cards originated, each country or kingdom had pictures of their reigning rulers on the cards. However, as card games evolved over time to accommodate an international audience, the cards had to be standardized.

Still, there are some cultures that use the faces of their royal families to represent the court in each of the four face cards. The Kings were obviously their fearless leader, the Queens were the wives, and the Jack face cards constituted the faces of valiant Knights who contributed to wars and recognition of their lands.

Finally, in the 16th century, the French civilizations standardized the cards to reflect the most intrepid rulers of mankind who have served for the welfare of people as a tribute. Thus, today’s generalized faces on face cards are as follows:

The reigning Kings

Spades - Remember the story of David and Goliath?

This fearless leader of Israel not only killed the treacherous giant with a single throw of a stone but also led Israel at the turn of a century when havoc was the theme of their lives.

David was thus immortalized as the King of Spades.

Hearts – The father of Europe assembled most of the nations under a single empire and strove to make history. Thus, King Charlemagne, also popularly and lovingly referred to as King Charles, is the King of Hearts.

Clubs – The greatest King of all time, the only one who truly earned the title, was an undefeated leader in battle and one of the most legendary commanders known to man. Alexander the great was thus eternalized as the King of Clubs.

Diamonds – Finally, the King who bestowed upon us the month of July and is actively studied to date for his accomplishments. Julius Caesar’s face was added to the King of diamonds.

The courageous Queens

Spades – Greek mythology speaks of the goddess who introduced the concepts of justice, courage, wisdom, intelligence, and inspiration. The Goddess Pallas Athena, all though mythological marked the beginning of great civilizations and was thus awarded the designation of Queen of Spades.

Hearts – She killed Holofernes to free the people of Israel according to the Orthodox Bible. Thus, Judith was immortalized as the Queen of Hearts.

Clubs – The Greek story of lady Argea, mother of Argus, was named Queen, which is the Latin and Italian translation of her moniker. Thus, she became the Queen of Clubs.

Diamonds – Mother of Joseph, Rachel from the biblical past was added as the Queen of Diamonds. Ironic that the woman wanted nothing, definitely not diamonds. Maybe that’s why she is the diamond in the rough.

The brave Jack

Spades – The Slayer of Brehus, right-hand man to Charlemagne, The brave Knight Ogier was added to the deck as the Jack of Spades.

Hearts – He fought alongside Joan of Arc as one of the few military leaders who believed in the legend’s desire for freedom. Étienne de Vignolies commonly known as La Hire is the Jack of Hearts.

Clubs – The position for the Jack of Clubs is shared by Sir Lancelot and Judas Maccabeus. Each made tremendous contributions to the round table and their revolution, therefore, they both deserve the accolades, don’t you think?

Diamonds – The legendary fighter of Troy, a prince no less, Hector’s bravery in combat against the Greek immortalized him as the Jack of Diamonds.

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