What Is Bluff Card Game: Rules, How To Play, Variants, And Strategies

What Is Bluff Card Game: Rules, How To Play, Variants, And Strategies

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What is the Bluff Card Game?

The bluff card game is one of the most recognized and easy to play card games in the world. In the Bluff card game, the players try to lie in order to get rid of their cards without getting caught by opponents. It has many other names and variations like Cheat, BS, and I Doubt It.

Branded as a party game, this game is one that many people can play and enjoy at the same time. This game is played all over the world and goes by different names being modified by different cultures and communities to their comfort. This game remains one of the most played games in the world to this date and once you understand its bluff card rules, you can play bluff online with your friends!

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How to play the bluff card game?

The objective of the bluff card game is to finish your cards before your opponents. The player who either passes his cards to the opponents or to the discard pile first is the winner of the game.

How to play bluff card game? The bluff card game is an easy card game that can be played by two people or more. If the range of the players is from two to four, then one full deck of cards, or 52 cards, is sufficient. If the range of the players is five or more, then two or more decks should be shuffled according to the number of people playing the game.

The dealer should try to distribute the cards as evenly as possible. There is a chance that one of the players might get more cards compared to the other players. The players are allowed to look at and rearrange their cards in any manner of their choosing.

How to play the bluff card game

The players are supposed to discard a number of cards from their hands by calling out their rank. The player can only discard a number of cards of one rank in one turn. They can lie and discard a higher or lower rank irrespective of the cards they discard. This is called a bluff.

If this bluff is caught, the player discarding the cards will have to pick up the whole stack of discarded cards. If the bluff is called but the cards are in tandem with the rank that was said out loud, the player who called out the bluff has to pick up the entire stack of discarded cards. This game is played until one of the players discards all of their cards.

The player who discards all of their cards first is declared the winner of the game. You can play online bluff card games on websites or you can play them with your friends and relatives.

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Bluff card game rules

Before even starting to play the game, it is important that we go through the game’s rules. Here we list the important bluff rules or bluff card game rules for you to help you in your journey of mastering the bluff card game.

  • If you want the lead as a player, the nomination is necessary.
  • You must play until all your cards are gone.
  • A joker is a wild card in the bluff game and it is always true. For example, you can use a joker and call it a king, and according to the bluff card game rule, it is true.
  • If a player is having a turn, he has only two choices, either pass the turn or play a hand.
  • The first player to finish all its cards wins.
  • If you think that your opponents are lying, you can call out the player by shouting "bluff", and then the questioned card is revealed to all players.
  • If the player accused by you was found lying about the card, then he has to take the whole pile of cards.
  • If the player is not lying, then you have to take the pile of cards into your possession.

Variants of the bluff game

The Bluff Card Game is a pretty straightforward game. But, like all other card games, people improvise and modify this game to their liking and their comfort. Some of the most common variations to the game that you can play online are:

  • Some variations only allow the players to discard one card at a time, increasing the total game time of the game.
  • Some variations only allow the players to discard cards of the same rank or number until one of the players is called out. This also prolongs the game and the players have to be more devious in order to win.
  • Some variations only allow the players to discard cards of a higher or lower rank or number than the previous card that is discarded.
  • Some variations allow players to discard multiple cards under the guise of a smaller number. This seldom works as the other players can easily spot the extra cards being discarded.

These were some of the basic variations of the Bluff Card Game online. Different countries and cultures have their own variations and modifications that they make to the bluff card game.

Here are some of the most popular modified versions of the bluff card game in different countries:

· Mogeln

This version of the bluff card game originated in Germany and Austria. This variation also goes by the names Moglen which means cheat, Schwindlen which means swindle, Lugen which means lie or Zweifeln which means doubt. In this variant, the essence of the game is intact with just a few minor changes.

The game begins with a full set of cards consisting of 52 cards, are dealt with by the players. This variant of the game can only be played by four people or more. An equal number of cards is dealt with every player. If there are extra cards, they are placed face down on the table.

The player who has the Ace of Hearts starts the game by placing that card face down on the table and calling out its name. The player on his left goes second, placing the card, two of hearts, on the table on top of the Ace of Hearts. This then goes on until a player places the King of Hearts face down on the stack on the table. After one suite finishes, the next player can start the second suit and then the third, and so on.

This keeps on going until a player calls out another player while they are discarding their card by shouting out Gemogelt which means cheating. Once Gemogelt is said out loud, the player who said it can check their opponent’s cards. If the cards match the cards the opponent yelled out, then the player who said Gemogelt out loud has to pick up the whole stack. If that is not the case and the opponent, in fact, bluffed, they will have to pick up the whole stack.

This keeps on going on till one of the players successfully discards all the cards they held in their hands.

· Verish’ Ne Verish’

This version of the bluff card game originated in Russia. Verish’ Ne’ Verish’ translates to Trust, Don’t Trust. This variant of the game is also known as Russian bluff. The number of cards depends on the number of players taking part in the game.

If the number of players ranges from two to three, then half a deck, 36 cards, is used for the game. If the number of players exceeds four, then a full deck, 52 cards, is used. While dealing with the cards, one card is taken off the top and placed face down on the table and the rest of the cards are dealt with each player. Unlike the regular version of the bluff card game, in this version, if there are excess cards, they will still be dealt with by the players even if some players end up having more cards in their hands as compared to their opponents.

In this variant of the game, while discarding playing cards, the players cannot change the rank, or the number of the card is discarded. For example, if the number two is being discarded, then only that number will be discarded throughout that round. The next number will start with the next round.

The players have the liberty to discard four cards of the same rank at one time. If a player is called out while discarding their cards, they will have to reveal their cards to the rest of the players. If the cards are not in sync with what that particular player called, then they will have to pick up the whole stack.

But, if the cards are in sync with what that particular player called out, then the person who called the bluff will have to pick up the stack of cards off the table.

· Canadian, Spanish or Australian Bluff

This variant of the game originated in Canada and is widely used in Spain and Australia as well. In this variant, the game is played with two decks of cards instead of one. The jokers can also be used in this variant as wild cards. Since two decks are mixed in this variant, the total number of jokers is four.

Before dealing the cards to the players, the players have to decide which ranks they want to play with. The players can use any combination of ranks to play with but cannot play with all of them. The jokers, because of their wild card status, can be used as any rank or number in the game.

In the Canadian and the Australian variant, there is no particular way of choosing the first player. Any player can start the game. However, in the Spanish variant, the player with the highest card gets to start the game. In this game, similar to Russian Bluff, only one rank can be discarded by all the players in one round.

For example, if the first player to start the game starts by discarding the rank of kings, then all the players will have to discard the same rank until the last player does not complete the round and change the rank. Unlike the other versions, this game does not stop when one of the players discards all their cards. This game goes on until the last two players are left. The point of this variant is not to discard all your cards the fastest, but, to keep the greatest number of cards at the end of the game.

· China

The Chinese variant of the bluff card game originated in its Fujian Province. In China, the bluff card game is also known as bragging or lying. This variation of the game is pretty simple, with the rules of the game being very loose. The game starts with multiple decks of cards being distributed amongst the players equally.

In this variant of the game, there is no restriction on the rank of the card being discarded. The player can discard as many cards as they want under the same number followed by the second player discarding as many cards as they want of another number.

For example, Player A can discard 4 cards of the rank, King, and the next player, Player B, can discard 6 cards of the rank, 5. The reason that multiple decks are mixed and then dealt with the player is so that each of the players has numerous cards of the same rank.

In this variant, the players can discard a large number of their cards by not lying. Unlike the Canadian, Spanish and Australian Bluff, the winner of this game is decided by the player who discarded all of their cards the fastest.

· Sweden

The Swedish variant of the bluff card game is the most different from all the other variants. This variant also goes by the name of Bluffstopp, a combination of Bluff and Stoppspel, which means the shedding game. In this variant of the bluff card game, the players are dealt only six cards at the start of the game. The remaining cards are stacked up in a pile resting face down on the table.

The players have to follow rules similar to the Russian bluff i.e. play one rank at a time. This game begins the calling out of higher ranks and slowly comes down to the lower ranks of the cad deck. If a player is caught bluffing, they have to pick up three cards from the pile of undistributed cards. The point of this game is to discard the greatest number of cards the fastest.

Sometimes, players are allowed to drop cards on their thighs while playing to give the illusion of discarding more cards quickly or discarding more than one card at a time. But, if they are caught doing this, they have to pick up six extra cards as a penalty from the undistributed deck of cards on the table.

· British

The British version of the bluff cards game is one of the versions where the players are allowed to cheat as much as possible. This variant also goes by the name of Cheat of Bullshit. In this variant, the dealer is allowed to deal themselves a lower number of cards as compared to the other players, provided they do not get caught. If they are caught, they need to shuffle the cards deck again and deal the cards again.

Similarly, the players are allowed to use tricks like hiding cards in their sleeves and disrupting other players when they are calling out a bluff as long as they are not caught. The point of this variant is to discard more cards as fast as possible. The first player to discard all their cards the first is declared the winner of the game.

Strategies to win the bluff card game

The strategies for winning the bluff card game are pretty easy. Anyone can use these strategies to play the bluff card game successfully and win the game with ease. Players can modify and change specific aspects of these strategies at any time to suit themselves. Some basic strategies and bluff card game tricks to win the game are:

Bluff card game strategies

·         Mix up cards. It is not necessary that you always have all the pairs of the ranks to put down. In this case, mix some cards when you are putting them down. For example, put a set of 7, 9, 4 as three sevens or A, A, 2 as three aces.

  • If you are bluffing in a game, try and keep a straight face. If you laugh or express emotion, it might tip the other players into calling your bluff. Confidence is key here.
  • Play some honest rounds as well. If you keep bluffing, your opponents can realize that pattern and they will be able to call your bluff more easily. Try and bluff at random intervals.
  • If you feel that someone is bluffing, go with your gut. Call out players who you think are bluffing. Bluff card game tricks will improve your chances of winning the game.

Bluff card game v/s Poker card game

There is a lot of difference between the gameplay of both these games. In poker card games, the objective of the player is to make the highest possible hand ranking with the available cards. It has various types where players are offered unique face-up and face-down cards to play. But in the bluff card game, you need to deceive all your opponents as much as possible. In this game, as stated above you have to let go of all your cards and the first player to do that wins the game.

In addition to that, both these games require different skills to overpower your opponents as one can see from their rules, strategies, and best practices.

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