Best Poker Tools Available Online And Their Benefits

Best Poker Tools Available Online And Their Benefits

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Whether it is an online game or an offline one, poker players can use several tips and tricks to enhance their winnings.

Poker tools are a collection of online web-based software and applications that facilitate the studying and analysis of different players and successful streaks. The hands played in tournaments, the detailed study of the cards, and a little arithmetic regression can go a long way into learning the variables of probability in a game.

This knowledge can be converted over time to any game at any time. Although some people use it to count cards illegally, which is not recommended, these online poker tools can be used for other benefits. Studying high-value hands can actually help players improve their style and understand that poker is not a game of luck or arithmetic. It is a game of stealth.

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All tools with benefits (table)

There are several types of poker tools that you can use:

Online Poker Tool Benefits
Heads-Up Display
  • You’ll get a heads up, based on how your opponents play the game. Thus, you can stay a step ahead
  • Study your own gameplay and analyze which hands have been beneficial to you.
  • It helps keep track of each player on different tables when you play across several rooms and several tables at the same time.
Hand converters
  • Study a game you played.
  • Analyze your own patterns to identify which card combinations and betting techniques helped you win.
  • Examine opponents’ gameplay and card combinations.
  • Identify the components of a winning hand.
Probability calculator
  • Run a series of winning hands against each other to find the probability to win with each.
  • Study different patterns and combinations and test them against each other.
  • Compare hole cards and table cards to determine winning patterns.
  • They are used as learning tools, not in actual games.
  • They analyze and predict betting structures.
Game software programs and bots
  • You can practice with them in games with virtual money.
  • Practice the rules and study the gameplay.
  • Learn about patterns and probability.
  • Analyze your own game plan and perfect it based on available cards, not the opponent’s reactions.
Data-mining tools and tournament databases
  • Study the patterns of various online players.
  • Understand the philosophies of ‘winning hand.’
  • Learn the importance of folding in critical times.
  • Analyze the gameplay of top tournament players and learn from their mistakes.

List of best poker tools and software with applications

In order to improve your gameplay, you can use these poker tools for both online and offline games. Of course, some are best suited for online games alone. Nevertheless, using these poker tools online can not only help you analyze and perfect gameplay on online tables but also convert the knowledge to offline games.

We have to admit though, given the uprising of online poker channels across the globe, it is so much better to play these games on available platforms from the comfort of your home.

Anyway, without further ado, let us take a look at online poker software and tools that can help you improve your game:

i. Advanced Poker HUD

This incredibly handy online poker software allows you to study the mistakes of your opponents. Not only can you analyze their patterns and weaknesses but you also get pop-ups to inform you what call-bats they usually avoid or succumb to.

In terms of poker tools, Advanced Poker HUD offers more possibilities for you to win on bluffs and call an opponent’s bluff easily. The pattern strategies also identify an opponent’s usual gameplay against how they choose their approaches against you. Therefore, you can modify your strategy accordingly and throw them off their game.

ii. The Poker Strategy EquiLab

These free online poker tools allow you to check the probabilities of ranges. You can analyze the range you have and how much wiggle room you offer to your opponents in a hand of poker.

Poker Strategy Equilab uses a highly user-friendly interface thus simplifying your understanding of the concepts. It can take a little time to familiarize but once you do, you can upload and save various ranges and use them to predict outcomes quickly and efficiently.

iii. Holdem Manager 3

Holdem Manager 3 is one of the best poker software tools that allow you to check each opponent’s gameplay in reference to you.

As you know, a game of poker involves studying the other person’s patterns and behavior. In offline games, you can don a poker face and change your strategy periodically. However, in online games, every player is using poker tools online to study each other.

At times like this, when you can see how the opponent plays particularly against you, it becomes a double bluff. They may be studying one set of your patterns and you can throw them off their game by switching your moves.

You can get a free trial of Holdem manager 3 and check the odds. Your game will improve immensely with this particular set of poker tools.

iv. Pokersnowie

Although you cannot use Pokernowie to determine the weaknesses of other players at the table, these poker tools predict your gameplay based on your own patterns. You can use this online poker tool to optimize your gameplay and predict various outcomes of your betting pattern.

Importing your previous gameplays and running them with AI technology will help you identify which hands you should have played differently for future reference.

v. Time Mojo

Time Mojo is an excellent set of online poker software tools that help you dissuade an opponent’s calculations. When you call or fold too quickly, the opponent uses your time data against you to decide their profitable action calls.

However, with Time Mojo, you can throw their calculations by optimizing your click rate. This software is basically a Godsend for exploiting your opponent’s overconfidence against them.

You can determine how long they take to make a decision on any given hand and how long they take to bluff. Based on this, you can develop your own strategy to put them on ‘Tilt.’

vi. Icmizer

Icmizer provides you with a detailed analysis of independent chip modules. Thus, you can optimize and modify your gameplay for any probable set of hands during the final stages of a tournament.

The calculations on Icmizer are as close to accurate as you can possibly get. It helps amateur and professional players alike to identify patterns and develop their strategies accordingly. You can easily choose your best course of action based on the calculations in a fast-paced game or on a high-stakes table.

vii. Table Ninja 2

One of the best poker software available in the market, Table Ninja offers a variety of features.

For one, it is ideal for multi-table players because the poker tools keep track of opponents on different tables even when you are shuffling through various poker rooms. It also calculates the time taken by your opponents to make a decision and maintains a record of their hands. Therefore, you can analyze how long they take to bluff or assume a bluff.

You can also optimize your table display to simplify the games on different platforms. Additionally, you can set your bets beforehand and access waiting lists to continue gameplay across multiple tables.

Regardless of whether you are an amateur poker player or a professional, Table Ninja 2 is an online poker software you need in your arsenal against your opponents.

viii. PIO Solver

For an incredible opportunity of HUD, you can use PIO Solver to study game theory and possible outcomes. It gives you an approximate idea of which hands are ideal for playing and the minimum and maximum you should bet for those hands.

You can also upload your range of hands so the program can generate the ideal game strategy for your particular situation at any given time.

The HUD facilities make this one of the best online poker tools. Just take some time to learn its various aspects for maximum profitability.

ix. Simple GTO Trainer

This online poker software allows you to study imaginary scenarios with different hands in play. Not only can you analyze player patterns but you can also have a set of playable hands and solutions at the ready.

With Simple GTO trainer, you can analyze betting patterns and determine which hands are best played against other hands. You can also regulate your own betting patterns for more profitable outcomes.

x. Vision GTO Trainer

This fast-paced online poker software generates pre-calculated outcomes of any given set of hands during a table game. You can simply analyze the various scenarios and quickly determine what steps you can take for maximum profit.

Additionally, when not on a table, you can upload various scenarios and work out the gameplay with virtual training modules. It is a great way to learn the game and identify the best possible hands and their playable probabilities.

xi. Poker Tracker 4

PT4 not only allows you to study the statistics of different hands from different tables and players but you can also use the online poker tool to create probabilities.

You can simply spend some time off the table to run scenarios with different hands that you choose. This gives you an edge over other players because you can partly predict the set of outcomes and strategize accordingly.

Use of Poker Tools

Poker Tools are a different types of software, applications or online websites that allow the statistical analysis in the game of  poker games or tournaments or about poker players.


Online Poker software tools are available to players for legal ways to improve their game. These poker tools should not be used for illegal counting or rigging purposes.

When you have a bounty of information at your disposal, it becomes easier to study several high-stake games and analyze how they were played. It is not uncommon for a player to win entirely on a bluff but the ideal way to win a game is by knowing which cards offer maximum benefits.

You can use these best online poker tools to improve your probability on the table not by the cards revealed but by simply knowing which hands to play and which hands to forfeit. As Kenny Rogers said, “Know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em.” Don’t invest in a game simply because you have a lot riding on it. Give yourself a chance to stay on the table and win it all back.

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