Best Poker Hands Ever: Learn From The Best On How To Use Good Hands

Best Poker Hands Ever: Learn From The Best On How To Use Good Hands

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The world of poker is often characterized as a dynamic place where everything uncommon is common, right from bluffing to bad beats to royal flush in poker tournaments. Now, not all best poker hands ever are created equal while some are downright bizarre and interesting some others are still remembered as the best poker hands ever played. So, to create this article, we studied some of the best poker hands of all time and have now detailed the top 3 best poker hands ever that are sure to amaze and excite you.

Doyle Brunson’s best poker hand ever

It was the year 1976, the World Series of Poker was only in its seventh year and the world till then had not witnessed a hand to qualify as the best poker hand ever. But this tournament featured one of the best poker hands of all time played by none other than the legendary Doyle Branson.

So, the setup was the heads-up match in the main event, which was to be played out between Jesse Alto and Doyle Brunson. The match began and soon after, Brunson called a raise. He held a 10 of spades and 2 of spades –not the best poker hand of all time by any means for sure. Alto, on the other hand, held a hand consisting of ace-jack off-suited.

The flop round came and 3 cards namely – ace, jack and 10 were dealt face up. The community cards of the flop round brought Brunson pretty close to creating the best poker hand of all time. The game progressed and Alto bet the size of the pot but Brunson immediately moved all-in. Alto called the bet after which the turn round started wherein a 2 was dealt. The turn card brought Branson one step closer to creating the best poker hand ever. But the river round finally sealed the deal. In this round, a 10 was dealt which effectively gave Brunson a full house, the title of the championship and the best poker hand ever.

Royal Flush in poker tournament at PCA 2016 main event

Let’s be honest, a royal flush in poker tournament is certainly a rarity by all poker standards. Not only is a royal flush in poker tournament hard to make but this poker hand ranking is actually deemed superior to all the other poker hand rankings. Now, before we move forward let us first understand what does a royal flush in poker tournament mean. A royal flush is essentially a straight flush from a ten to an ace wherein all the cards belong to the same suit.

The PCA 2016 main event basically created history when during the event one of the players by the name Mcallister essentially got a royal flush in poker tournament towards the end. But, let’s start from the beginning. The PCA 2016 main event was played out between 3 players that go by the name - Tedeschi, Mcallister and Rabah. With Rabah being the chip leader and Mcallister following close behind, the pot was all set to be grand. The game began and Tedeschi raised the bet to $36000, andboth Mcallister and Rabah called. In the flop round three cards were dealt - Queen of hearts, 8 of clubs, 4 of clubs. While both Rabah and Tedeschi checked, Mcallister who was already on his way to creating a royal flush in poker tournament went forward and placed a bet worth $48000 which both Rabah and Tedeschi called. The turn card was the Jack of hearts and Mcallister again placed a bet worth $136000. Without the knowledge that a royal flush in poker tournament is on the line, Rabah called the bet while Tedeschi, already at a chip disadvantage, decided to move all-in. The river round completed the board with an ace of hearts and the game thereafter intensified. Rabah this time acted first and went on to place a bet worth $300000. With Tedeschi already all-in and Rabah’s $300000 bet, Mcallister decided to move all in as well. This effectively put Rabah off the track who after some intense contemplation finally decided to fold his cards. The game entered the showdown where Tedeschi revealed a Queen of diamonds and Queen of spades while Mcallister came forward with a 10 of hearts and king of hearts, effectively completing a royal flush in poker tournament.

Gus Hansen’s best poker hand of all time

As stated before, while a royal flush in a poker tournament is certainly rare, it is even rarer  to compete against a poker legend like Daniel Negreanu and still take the pot home. But when it came to Gus Hansen, he didn’t just take the pot home but in the process ended up giving the poker world one of the best poker hands of all time.

So, the setting of this best poker hand ever was the high stakes poker tournament where both Gus Hansen and Daniel Negreanu were involved in a game of standard Texas Holdem. The game began and Hansen was dealt a part of the best poker hand of all time consisting of 5 of diamonds and 5 of clubs. Negreanu on the other hand got a pretty good hand as well consisting of 6 of spades and 6 of hearts. Right after receiving the hole cards, Hansen raised the amount of the pot to $2100 while Negreanu further raised it to $5000. Not the one to back down, Hansen called the bet and thereafter the flop round started. The flop round gave 3 community cards namely – 9 of clubs, 6 of diamonds and 5 of hearts and Hansen was effectively close to creating one of best poker hands ever. However, to test Negreanu, Hansen checked the action and Negreanu bet the amount of $8000 which Hansen thereafter checked-raised to $26000. Negreanu called the bet and the turn community card was revealed - a 5 of spades. With the best poker hand of all time namely quads by his side Hansen bet a huge amount of $24000 and Negreanu again called. The river card was an 8 of spades and Negreanu then bet $65000.

Hansen finally announced “I am all-in”. But Negreanu, hoping to create the best poker hand of all time, refused to back down and again called the bet. With this action Hansen showed his best poker hand of all time which was a four-of-a-kind and finally won the pot worth $575700.

When it comes to creating the best poker hand ever or the best poker hand of all time there is no one standard way to achieve this feat. The least you can do to make a royal flush in a poker tournament or other such top-notch hands is practice as much as possible and hope the odds stay in your favor.

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