Best 5 Places In India To Play Poker If You're A Poker Enthusiast

Best 5 Places In India To Play Poker If You're A Poker Enthusiast

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India has been quickly catching up to the poker circuits around the world. Players from India have already participated in tournaments held in Manila and Europe. Now that major cities are openly hosting games, India will very soon be on top of the list of best poker players around the world.

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List of top 5 places to play poker in India

i. Delhi

The capital city of India is a hub for poker enthusiasts. Not only do players from Delhi have an innate knack for the game, people from neighboring states such as Uttarakhand, also tend to travel to the capital to try their hands at poker.

It is no surprise that two of the top Indian poker players hail from Delhi.

ii. Bangalore

Poker in Bangalore has become quite the rage in recent times. Initially, the game was played in back-door events but now, Bangalore is one of the hubs preparing players to partake in the World Series.

The scene for poker in Bangalore is ever-growing and several top players have taken the opportunity to learn the game and represent India in WSOPs.

iii. Goa

The ultimate hub of casino games in India, Poker tournaments in Goa are held more frequently than any other Indian state. Poker in Goa is a major-rager that attracts many tourists who want to watch the Goa poker players in action.

Not only do the poker tournaments in Goa host local gamers but also a few international events.

iv. Mumbai

A metropolitan city that has advanced beyond recognition, Mumbai is one of the hubs for poker players in India. Close to the border of Goa, Mumbai celebrates poker tournaments and hosts several games across the city.

Players from Mumbai have topped the list of Indian poker players and have gone as far as international poker tours to represent the great country.

v. Hyderabad

Hyderabad is another immensely developed metropolitan city in India that offers poker playing. The advancements here have gone as far as accommodating poker tournaments for locals and country-wide players in order to encourage them to improve their game.

Hyderabad has always been a hub for accomplishments so why wouldn’t they participate in preparing Indians for a life of professional poker.

How to place bets in playing online poker on Getmega?

Betting is an important part of any poker game, so here are the betting rules for online poker on GetMega:

  • You buy into the game with cash which is converted to chips for the table.
  • The big and small blinds bet automatically before a hand is dealt.
  • If you want to raise the betting amount, you must wait for your turn and add money.
  • If a player before you hasn’t raised and you don’t want to either, simply check.
  • Once all the bets for a round are called, the amount goes into the pot.
  • If you fold after betting, you won’t get the chips back.

The rules are pretty straightforward. The only thing to remember is – be careful which hands you play, raise, and call.

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Kanchan Sharma

Kanchan Sharma started her career as a learning designer at an MNC while pursuing poker as a hobby. However, she soon pivoted to becoming a professional MTT (Multi Table Tournaments) player. She is currently a leading player, who has taken the male dominated poker world by storm. During her stint as a poker player, she has bagged many titles including India Online Poker Championship (IOPC) for Rs. 17,98,906, Winter Celebration Series for Rs. 6,62,500 and has final tabled multiple tournaments. She continually seeks to improve her poker game and work on her mindset to win the WSOP title soon. Her journey from being a recreational player to a poker pro is inspiring for many people out there.

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