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It is finally the time to know about the different starting hands in the 7 card stud poker game. If you are really interested in the 7 card stud poker game and want to ace it, then you better learn about the 7 card stud starting hands in poker rather than losing all your money while playing and then crying over it.

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7 card Stud Starting Hands

So let’s begin by introducing you to the 4 main categories of 7 card stud starting hands. These are three of a kind, big pairs, small and medium pairs, and last but not the least, drawing hands. Let’s know more about these seven card stud hands.

Three of a kind

The best of the 7 card stud hands is three of a kind, however, you don’t get it quite often. In fact, you only receive it once in every 425 dealings. Also known as rolled-up trips, this 7 card stud hand is very strong and it doesn’t really matter how you play them in the game of 7 card stud poker. However, with 3 queens in your hand, you will only win the antes. So at such a position, instead of a raise, you should just call.

But if the tables are turned towards you and several of the players have already raised, your raise won’t make them fold. In the game of 7 card stud poker, three of a kind is a dominant starting hand and can make you the winner.

Big pairs

The next of the 7 card stud hands that we are going to talk about is big pairs. This 7 card stud hand is often played by the players during the game of poker very aggressively. However, there is an exception in the big pairs hand. If you are playing with someone who holds a larger number of pairs, then you better throw your hand away, unless your kicker is higher than your opponent’s potential pair.

If you are playing the hand of big pairs in 7 card stud poker you usually need to go all the way to the river. But if your opponent has a door card or a third-street card you must fold. Apart from that, if he or she has a four flush on board, it means it is time to fold as well.

Small and medium pairs

The next of the 7 card stud hands that you need to know about are small and medium pairs. It’s not easy to decide whether you want to play small or medium pairs during a game of poker. This is decided by considering your cards; whether your hand is live or not, along with how high is your kicker. You already know that the kicker can add value to your hand in a 7 card stud game of poker. However, never make the mistake of playing this hand with a pair of fours even with an Ace kicker if you see that your opponent has a four.

Drawing hands

The last of the 7 card stud starting hands is the drawing hands. Usually drawing hands have no potential value as 7 card stud hands. However, you can still play these cards as they can get very powerful later on.

Now let’s have a look at how to play the game of 7 card stud poker!

The object of the game is to win the pot which holds all the bets made by the players in the game. During each dealing of the cards, each player receives two cards face down and one card face up.

Once the initial deal is done, a betting interval begins where each player makes their bet. Once the betting is over, the dealing begins and each player receives three more face up cards and one more face down card.

During the showdown, all of the players have to take their seven cards and select 5 of them, while leaving the other two. Later on, they cannot claim the cards that they have discarded. While 7 card stud poker is a game that you can play with your friends, family, and co-workers, even if there is no one around you can still play it online with so many apps available to download and play.


As you have learned all about the 7 card stud poker game as well as the 7 card stud starting hands, you must know that this poker game is not just based on the cards but also on your mind. You need to pay close attention to your opponent’s cards. While they are folding some of the strongest cards you need to make sure that you don’t end up folding your strong cards. Play according to the 7 card stud rule, using the right 7 card stud hands while using your mental talent, and the game will be yours.

With this, you now have all the information you need to know about the 7 Card Stud Poker. Download the GetMega app and put this new information to the test in a game of poker!

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