All you need to know about the Book Super System by Doyle Brunson

All you need to know about the Book Super System by Doyle Brunson

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Doyle Brunson super system made a ravishing entry into the world of poker in the early seventies and to say the least, it was an overnight sensation. The book Doyle Brunson super system basically focuses on the fact that poker is a game of people and the better you understand your opponent the more readily you will be able to ace at it. Now, in this post, we have covered a lot of major things that you should  know about Doyle Brunson super system 2 from important tips, superstitions to key qualities that are imperative to become a good poker player

About Doyle Brunson super system

Before we discuss the 5-key points from Doyle Brunson super system 2, let us first understand what Doyle Brunson super system book is all about. Published in 1979, Doyle Brunson super system 2 starts with a biographical sketch of the professional poker player Doyle Brunson. Thereafter, Doyle Brunson’s super system II moves swiftly to discuss some apt strategies and skills for winning different variants of poker. Finally, towards the end, this book details the poker odds and probabilities that are likely relevant till date. That’s not all, Doyle Brunson’s super system II also talks about some key tips, qualities and superstitions all of which we have covered in the upcoming sections.

Important tips from Doyle Brunson’s super system II

As per Doyle Brunson’s super system II, irrespective of the poker variant you are playing, always remember that to raise a bet all you need is a strong hand, but to call a raise you must have a super strong hand.

Alternatively, bluffing is often regarded as one of the key skills in any poker player’s arsenal. However, as per Doyle Brunson super system 2, you first need to pick the right player to put your bluffing skills to use. Vital to this, before picking any random player on the table for bluffing, first understand the type of game you are playing and the players you have been put against. For instance – if you are playing a game of low limit Texas Holdem and find yourself surrounded by poker professionals on all 4 sides then no matter how good you believe your bluffing skills to be, stay cautious. Because as per Doyle Brunson super system, the players who are involved in these games hardly have a lot of money and therefore they put at stake what they do have and thereafter fight their best to see the next day.

Superstitions from Doyle Brunson’s super system II

As unlikely as it might sound, but even Doyle Brunson super system 2 talks about superstitions. No, not the traditional ones, instead the book Doyle Brunson’s super system II actually honours those certain superstitions that might just help you improve your game. For instance, as per Doyle Brunson super system, you must never accept a $50 bill on the poker table for the simple reason that a $50 bill can easily be mistaken for $5. Moreover, there is a superstition in the poker world that when you lose a pot, you must get up and walk around the chair as this might change your luck. Now, this superstition from Doyle Brunson super system might not sound reasonable to you but we believe there is no harm in honouring it considering getting up and moving around can actually help you cool down a bit.

Key Qualities from Doyle Brunson’s super system II

In the book Doyle Brunson super system 2, Doyle spoke extensively about some key qualities that have likely helped him reach where he is today in the poker world. So, without wasting another minute let us take a brief look at each of the qualities detailed in Doyle Brunson’s super system II.


Not many poker players realise but courage is one of the most charming and outstanding qualities that any poker player can develop in his lifetime. As per Doyle Brunson super system, one of the core elements of a player’s courage is the acceptance that the money that has been put in the pot no longer belongs to you no matter the size of the amount. Doyle Brunson super system 2 highlights what truly matters is the situation you are currently facing. If in the present situation you believe only moving all-in or a large bet can help you win then you should do that without a second thought. Whereas as per Doyle Brunson super system 2, if you realize that no matter how much you bet you have already lost the current hand,, then you must not bet any further no matter the amount of money you have already committed.

The power of patience

As a rule of thumb, only ever grace the poker table when you have enough time to play and wait. In the book Doyle Brunson super system, Doyle explicitly calls patience and power as the two winning twins of poker and we cannot agree more. While the importance of being aggressive from the start cannot be emphasized enough, the role of staying patient through some hands cannot be denied either. This tip from Doyle Brunson super system 2 especially comes handy during limit Holdem games where players are generally expected to play only their best hands.

The Tells from Doyle Brunson’s super system II

So, here we are for the final bit we have covered those few lesser-known tells from the book Doyle Brunson’s super system II that are sure to help you ace at any and every game of poker. Tells, to begin with, are those giveaway moves that generally help a player read his opponent and understand the range of his hands. For instance – if you are playing a poker game and notice an opponent continuously bouncing his leg up and down then this is considered a tell that this player is anxious to get into action and likely holds a strong hand. Alternatively, as per Doyle Brunson super system 2, if you ever notice the pulse on an opponent’s neck throbbing then be rest assured that this player is likely bluffing and as such holds a weak set of cards. Now, according to Doyle Brunson super system, all poker players in general have patterns, though less pronounced at times but they are definitely there. So, if you are aiming to become a poker pro then master the art of reading tells but at the same time learn to defend your tells so no other player can use them against you.

Let’s be honest and appreciate the fact that the lessons and tips covered in Doyle Brunson super system are truly priceless. To make the most out of Doyle Brunson super system 2, it is imperative that you use all this in real action. To do the same just signup on the GetMega app and practise the lessons from Doyle Brunson’s super system II by playing as many poker games and tournaments as you want.

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Kanchan Sharma Author
Kanchan Sharma Author
Kanchan Sharma

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