Must Read Books By Daniel Negreanu

Must Read Books By Daniel Negreanu

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Daniel Negreanu, arguably one of the most influential and talented poker players in the world, is a favourite among poker fans. Having discovered his love for numbers and probability, Daniel developed an affinity for gambling, pool hustling, and poker at the early age of sixteen. What started as a small game in the charity casino of Toronto, led him to build one of the most illustrious poker careers across times. As a budding player, you might have come across several articles, video tutorials etc. from him but the following Daniel Negreanu books contain a wisdom of a lifetime. Interested to know what “Kid Poker” has to say? What are you waiting for? Go get yourself a copy of the following books!

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Hold’em Wisdom for all players

Designed for those players who wish to taste success instantly, this Daniel Negreanu books is the right pathway to it. Released in the year 2007, the book has fifty quick sections focused on key winning concepts, making learning both easy and fast. The book is the right choice for beginners who struggle to reconcile modern tournament advice about minimum sized raises and small bets. with their own small stakes poker experience, and offers them a clear understanding of how to leverage the most basic concepts in poker to secure a win for oneself. Needless to say, the preflop, flop, turn and river will never look the same after reading this book.

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Top 5 books Daniel Negreanu best reads:

  1. Positively Fifth Street.
  2. Life's a Gamble.
  3. The Biggest Game in Town.
  4. Big Deal.
  5. The Four Agreements.

Power Hold’em Strategy

A highly insightful book, this Daniel Negreanu books/Daniel Negreanu poker book is a great read for poker amateurs and professionals alike. Released in the year 2008, this power packed book in No Limit Hold’em, provides information about the winner’s secret and a lot of insider professional moves. It is a treasure trove of information and gives some useful strategies such as a powerful beginner's strategy to neutralize professional players, how to go about a short-handed and heads-up play, how to mix up one’s play, the way to go about bluffs and the strategy in winning big pots.

The most important takeaway from this book will definitely be a Negreanu’s small ball strategy in multi-table tournaments – a revolutionary approach to steadily increase your stack in a no limits game. One of the strongest messages that the book gives is the need to focus on one’s opponents hand rather than one’s own hand. The book beautifully elucidates the journey of playing poker, the hurdles and obstacles that one has to overcome, strategies to counter the difficulties faced all with the help of examples. Brief and well-chalked out, this book provides information which can act as the right arsenal in a novice’s armoury or as a power packed reinforcement to those who are familiar with the basics of the game.

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Superstar Poker Strategy: The World's Greatest Players Reveal Their Winning Secrets

A book written by four of the best players of all times - Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Johnny Chan – this book gives excellent advice on the strategies that one must employ in different poker variants starting from no-limit hold’em poker to Omaha to 7-card stud. This superstar line-up, having won 52 WSOP championship bracelets amongst themselves have compiled it with great precision. It is a two volume set that has the best poker advice, strategies and professional concepts ever published.

Now that you know the great Daniel Negreanu books that you need to read, you must start it as soon as possible so that you can implement what you learnt in a real game. To practice poker and play online, download the GetMega app now and register yourself in any of the contests.

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